Deep learning; how and why?

Deep learning

In Norway called “dybde læring”, is the new trend in Norway. Our minister of education wrote about this last year in Aftenposten.

In a school where the students learn more, you have to spend time on what is important. We have to look at our curriculum and make more time for in depth learning.

When the goals are described with adjectives like more or being best, I’m always curious about who we are comparing ourselves with, and what the point is comparing results like that. But still, I agree with the Minister. It is about time we look at the curriculum and decide what learning should look like in the years to come. As always my points is that we can start with the way we are using technology. And then we can start having conversations with our students. I hope students will have a voice here. Like when I asked them to comment on history class last week.

Last May we were asked to talk about this at a Think Tank by LearnLab, I had forgotten that they taped the session and I found it on Twitter last week. Here are some points on the “how and why”.

The three students Henrik Berg Dahlmann, Martin Elias Alsing Wengstrøm and Julie Overrein present snapshots of how they use digital tools in their learning at Sandvika upper secondary school. The school has approximately 850 students and is located close to Oslo. Together with Ann Michaelsen, their teacher, and school leader, we get a glimpse into how the school organizes for deeper learning while reinforcing 21st-century learning skills, by using real-life digital tools in projects that transcend the ordinary subject structures.

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