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Been some years since I was able to go to ISTE, and this year it is in San Antonio, by far my favorite ISTE place! There is, however, no need to be too sad, since all my ISTE friends are sharing their learning and enthusiasm online. Here is my attempt to collect and share what I have been able to pick up online from Norway. If any of you have something to add I would appreciate a comment and a link!

First place I found was Sue Waters from Australia who like me is not at ISTE

But if you’re like me, and not able to attend ISTE 2017, you are still able to learn from the conference by participating remotely. Sue

There is a #notatiste Google+ hangout here with 1.963 members. Try the #notatiste17 @livebinders by clicking on the icon to the right.

In the live binder you will find Twitter feeds, Live Broadcasts, presentations shared, blogs video and lots more. Thanks to #notatiste17 By: @pgeorge and @livebinders

Watch ISTE Ignite videos here.

Taylor education to align with job requirements in the not so distant future

How can talent be developed and deployed to ensure that more than  7 billion people can fulfill their potential?

Technology and globalization are significantly transforming work. However, education and training systems, having remained mostly static and under-invested in for decades, are largely inadequate for these new labor markets. Additionally, a prevailing gender bias is introducing further inefficiency and inequality. We must, therefore, rethink the way talent is developed and deployed in the world. Read more here. 

Click on the picture to see the video.

Following Twitter is a great way to stay updated on conferences you are not able to attend. I will include some of the Twitter messages that caught my attention here. Not all are enthusiastic though, and I have to admit I do agree with Audrey Watters. What has changed, less than what we could wish to hope for?

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