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Goals for international English:

  • thewhitetiger joyluckclubElaborate on and discuss a selection of literature and factual prose from the period 1950 up to the present
  • Analyze, elaborate on and discuss at least one lengthy literary work and one film

This year the choices are limited to two different books, The White Tiger, Novel by Aravind Adiga and The Joy Luck Club, Novel by Amy Tan. To be able to make a good decision the students are asked to do these tasks to prepare.

Lesson plan

  1. In groups of 4 work together first in pairs and find information about the two authors Aravind Adiga and Amy Tan. Make a list of 5 interesting facts about each to present in your group. Use Twitter as one of your sources by following the authors and reading their tweets.amy arvandin
  2.  Listen to the two videos below. Based on the videos and your research write a short paragraph about your impressions of the authors and the books
  3. Based on your impressions decide on which book you want to read and write a short paragraph explaining your decision
  4. Read the first chapter of the book and write a short paragraph on your first impression.
  5. Send a link to your blog post to the author using Twitter and hashtag #2ieng5

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