Language learning

Competence aims for English

learningHow to work with these specific competence aims in English

  1. Evaluate and use different situations, working methods and learning strategies to further develop one’s English-language skills
    • Do these tasks in NDLA and submit your answer to your OneNote notebook
  2. Evaluate own progress in learning English
    • Do these tasks in NDLA and submit your answers to your OneNote notebook
  3. Evaluate and use suitable listening and speaking strategies adapted for the purpose and the situation
  4. Listening strategies
  5. Listen to this interview with Stephen Fry. When listening take notes, here are som words to look up before listening;
    • Empiricism , Intellectual and physical architecture, Atheist, Philosophers, ecclesiastical principles, political correctness, enforced thinking, free speech, gang violence, empirical scientific , social justice, aggressive left, separation of church and state, imperialist, complexity, Gradations 
  1. Write a short summary of the interview and compare with the rest of your group. Who remembers most?
  2. Read this article and discuss if you agree with the criticism from viewers of this show.

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