The UK election 2015 and the European Parliament

Preparing for the UK election 2015

Watch this video from the Houses of Parliament

To do:

The House of Commons has the important role of checking the actions of government and all state employees and ensuring these people remain accountable for their mistakes. Parliament forces the Government to justify bills, explain their motives, defend their actions and policies. An adjournment debate is simply a way in the Commons of having a general debate without requiring the House to vote.

  1. Note 3 of the important responsibilities they have and write about it on your blog

The House of Commons Chamber

  1.  Note 3 of the important responsibilities they have and write about it on your blog

An Introduction to Parliament

This short animation introduces the UK Parliament, including its structure, how laws are made, holding Government to account and how you can get your voice heard.

The election explained in 60 seconds


How it Works: the European Parliament

You are working for a Norwegian Newspaper and this is your assignment for your next article in English:

  1. Explain the role of the European Parliament and mention some important areas they work with
  2. Explain the voting system how many representatives do each country have?
  3. From the UK election, Why is UKIP so popular in the European Parliament and what is the significance?
  4. Watch the debate and look at the numbers below and write your article using the debate as your source.
Bring back the birch

european parliament



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