Teaching how to discuss language features and literary devices in the exam

Norwegian exam questions

examGrading exam papers I’m puzzled by some of the students’ answers to task 1. Even if you sometimes have to guess what the exam questions will be, one topic has reoccurred these last year.  Language features and literary devices. The task might be worded like this:

Discuss how the critic expresses his opinion  through the  language he uses. Use examples of language features you find in your answer. Read the two texts in the box below and discuss how they differ in terms of language features.

Every teacher and student should be prepared for this, come spring exam. Here are some videos I found on the topic. If you find more let me know!

Lesson Plan

Watch the videos below

  1. Figurative language
  2. Literary devices in love songs
  3. Literary devices in movies
  4. A video that explains what to do during exams


Your teacher has asked you to make a video for students who find this task difficult. Use the text in the exam paper and explain how to solve task 1. The best video will win a prize and be published. Task 1

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