Using Google hangout in class

Scotland’s Referendum

scotland education

Scotland is a highly educated nation, we can put these skills to good use as an independent country. #indyref

Working with my class of Social studies this year the natural starting point had to be the Scottish referendum. We have some weeks before the people in Scotland answer this important question: Should Scotland be an independent country? The questions seems difficult to understand for my Norwegian students. What are the implications? What will be different? Why do they want this, or do they? We had been looking at some numbers and to us it seemed like a done deal. The No vote was in a clear lead. Reading on the webpage Scotland’s referendum the questions seems to be: In essence this whole debate can be boiled down to a simple question of “who decides?”. To borrow the words of Canon Kenyon Wright as reported in the Scotsman: “Where should the final word over Scotland be – in Westminster or in Scotland?

Why Google hangout?

Reading some of the feeds om my Facebook page I noticed some interesting comments and pictures of the Ballot paper on Ewan McIntosh‘s page and I asked him if he had time to enlighten 25 students and their teacher. He said yes and suggested a Google Hangout. Even if I had used it before I hadn’t thought about the advantages. You can read about it on Google’s web-page where they say;  you can broadcast your conversation to the world for free on YouTube. Ewan did that and after the conversation the students could listen to his answers when writing on their blog articles. A very good idea, I would recommend this to other teachers when working on topics that concern different countries.  If you have a personal learning network, if you are connected with Twitter and Skype, try to invite experts into your class. Use Google hangout and work on the material afterwards. Our video is below!


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    Inviting experts into the classroom. The advantages of Google Hangout. Earlier this year the Bell Shakespeare had a Google Hangout to celebrate their 250 anniversary. Have a look at their video- Hangout in History: Elizabethan England. “Join our Google + Hangout in History as we journey back to Elizabethan England, learning about this historic time, and encountering famous characters including William Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I herself!”

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