Join us on August 20, Tuesday (2pm Pacific, 5pm Eastern)

Welcome to the Future of Education interview series and discussion community. 

part of 2Steve Hargadon has an interview series at on the future of education in the Internet age, and he has invited us to the show.  He has interviewed Sir Ken Robinson, Seth Godin, Dan Pink, John Seely Brown, David Weinberger, Howard Rheingold, Alfie Kohn, and many others, including in-the-classroom educators.  He describes it as a “deep thinking” experience, we are honored to have been invited!

The interviews are live and interactive, and typically are one hour long–which includes a live Q&A at the end. They are publicized to the, Classroom 2.0, and Library 2.0 networks (about 100,000 total). A recording of the event is made, and becomes available within a day of the show.  More information can be found at, and at

This interview series and the community are devoted to providing an opportunity for those who care about education to share their voices and ideas with others. It’s a place for thoughtful discussion on an incredibly important topic.

Usually the interviews take place 8 pm Eastern time, but since we are doing this from Norway we will be on a little earlier! We hope to have a lot of participants and are really looking forward to this!

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