Getting Students Excited About an Online Education

Posted on Monday June 24, 2013by Staff Writers

Students are enrolling in online classes in droves — in 2011 more than 30 percent, or six million U.S. students, took at least one online course. Higher education is adapting by steadily increasing online programs and funding to meet student demand.

Yet there is still a lot of skepticism towards online education in academic and professional circles, despite considerable technological advancement and innovation in the field. This leaves many students questioning the quality and reputation of an online education.

logo-BestCollegesOnlineMisled by false information from all sides, students need help identifying and debunking common misconceptions. We’ve set out to address the assumptions of online education by pointing to the realities. As the inaccuracies get debunked, and the reality of what online education has to offer settles into place, it becomes clear there is a compelling case to be made for some form of online education for everyone. Here’s our rundown of the major misconceptions. Read more in original post here!


  1. Great article. We’ve been conducting ELT online in the Turkish market for a couple years now, and we find that the student / teacher relationship / dynamic can still be built through an online medium. We have found that it just takes more time and perhaps a different approach. If you are lucky enough to have your own teacher branded curriculum and exercises, it can help create the relationship even outside of class. Here’s an example of what I mean. We provide 2 to 3 hours of live conversation classes per week, but outside of theses classes students can use our pre-recorded videos which feature our students. We’ve found that this use of technology can help create a teacher / student bond. Here’s some of our videos to give you context:

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