ISTE 2013 San Antonio

Change the world!

My headline is inspired by Adam Bellow @adambellow who also inspired me to change the name of my blog! According to Adam the terminology “web 2.0” is outdated and should be exchanged with the words “web tools”! In other words I’m skipping the upgrade to web 3.0 and I am not waiting for 4.0!

When introduced Adam Bellow was described as an educator, entrepreneur and connected learner. And I think that describes the ongoing theme of this conference! Eductators should connect and be antrepreneurs! “Issuing a call to arms, Bellow said to his fellow ISTE attendees: “Nothing is impossible. This is an army here. We must lead the way. It is not about technology. It is about us. If you believe you can change the world, you will.” Source: blog ISTE

I came back to Norway invigorated and inspired! I have many ideas about projects I want to pursue, thanks to my many conversations in San Antonio. To quote Tom Whitby tomwhitby “What I came away with was a profound commitment to continue to share ideas in spite of the roadblocks and side tracks of the detractors. There is power in connecting and sharing. As educators we need to harness that power not to control kids, but to teach them and learn alongside of them.” I actually think that describes my latest project “Connected Learners” quite well and I am still enjoying the positive feedback the book received in San Antonio!

Bloggers’ cafe

Sue Wyatt and Anne Mirtschin
Sue Wyatt and Anne Mirtschin

This was my fourth ISTE and I enjoyed talking to many of the great educators I follow on Twitter at the bloggers’ cafe. Whenever you attend a conference I would say it is the connections you make that really counts. I had the pleasure of joining Sue @tasteach  and Anne @murcha during the second day of the conference and they shared their insight and experience with me and helped me by recommending lectures I should attend! Great thanks to both! There is so much you can learn from others! Never ever imagine that you know it all! We should all be connected learners, all the time!

Keynote revisited!

Please take the time to watch the keynote! It is worth the time!  You might want to skip the introduction and start the video at 0:22:26


  1. Ann, great stuff here! I’m looking forward to reading your book! Glad ISTE was fruitful; we hold an ASTE up here as you know and it’s always a huge hit packed full of ideas. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip.

  2. Hi Ann, it was wonderful to meet you and talk about some of the great work that you are doing. Hope we can connect soon with our students either synchronously or asynchronously. Are you home now? Thanks for sharing this post.

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