We are all Clark Kent!

No limit to what young people can do!

I found this story on my Facebook page today and I think if fits in nicely with our latest project at school, writing a book. My students laugh when I say we can sell a lot of books, not really believing, but I think the message from Brad Meltzer’s TED-Ed is a good one:

  1. Dream big
  2. Work hard
  3. Stay humble

If we all can follow these three simple rules and be creative, believe that we could actually change history!

Even famous change-makers — like Martin Luther King — had concerns like everyone else. They worried about failure and were lonely sometimes, but that didn’t stop them from changing history.

To follow these seemingly simple bits of advice, people must fight through failure, continuing to work hard even when the first attempt at a big idea doesn’t work. And, perhaps most importantly, good ideas often require other people’s help.

Great message to inspire our youth. Source: Mindshift


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