Using Social Media to Connect Educators, Students and Experts Worldwide

Learning Station Session : Global Collaboration Project


Sunday, 6/23/2013, 7:00pm–8:30pm
Ann Michaelsen, Sandvika vgs, Norway 

I’m pleased to be able to attend ISTE again this year. Here is what I will be talking about and below you can read more.

Learn how to use Twitter, blogs, and Skype to get in contact with students and teachers from other parts of the world and build a global classroom.  Recommended by ISTE’s SIGOL

Purpose & Objectives

Purpose: Show participants how social media like Skype, Twitter and the writing blogs can be used to get in contact with students and teachers from other parts of the world. By using examples from my own class I will show how my students communicate and learn from peers in the outside world using social media. By modeling own practice from the classroom I hope to encourage the teachers to start this when they get back to school.

Objectives: To be able to use Twitter, Skype and blogging as tools to connect. And to introduce new material to the students on personal blogs using authentic material like videos from Youtube and TED-talks. Curriculum goals are the basis for learning, not textbooks, and students learn how to cover the curriculum goals using different tools and by connecting with students, other educators and experts on those specific fields. Questions and challenges are set by the students with help from teachers, not the other way around. Students offer feedback to fellow students. The goal is self-paced differentiated learning where every student can progress individually and the teacher can keep track of this. We explore how it is possible to use digital age learning in an authentic real-world practice, modelling real-world problems.


    1. Thank you Svend Andreas. I will most likely use the same presentation I used at BETT in January!
      Would be fun to hear you and your colleagues thoughts about this project I’m currently working on. My students and I are writing a book on being a connected learner using technology and social media. Target group is teachers and students at teacher colleges, as a guide to get started and to use learning together with students! We think it is a pretty unique project!

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