True learning is not standardized!

Student voice

Wouldn’t it be great if your school day was structured around your interests? Wouldn’t it be great if you could work on real life projects that make a difference. Wouldn’t it be great if you could study something that you want to learn more about? Students spend their entire day at school and we are living in a world that is not full of textbooks and methods for memorizing dates. This way of learning isn’t going to cut it anymore. Today we share ideas on a different level. We use social media to interact with others on a large scale. What is school doing in this area? Why do we rely on information from one teacher and one textbook when the whole world is available. Why don’t we communicate, collaborate and learn from and with each other. What are schools and teachers doing to promote this?

“There is a direct correlation between our old fashioned system, and our scarcity for a love of learning.”

If you could chose? What would your school day look like?

Watch this video found on TED Talk. Thanks to  and article “The Need for Innovative Leadership” 

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