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World War 2

1. desember - December 1
December 1 (Photo credit: (National Archives of Norway))

This week we will be working on this goal: “English texts from a selection of different genres, from different epochs and parts of the world”. And “select and use content from different sources independently, critically and responsibly”. We will be collaborating with a class in the USA. We will share our findings on our blogs and on a shared Google doc. Our choices of topics are:

  1. Stories from WW 2 that have references to “The White buses
  2. The story behind why Norway has presented a large Norwegian tree each winter for over 60 years as a token of friendship and gratitude for Britain’s assistance during World War II.

Lesson plan

  1. Do research about the two topics and decide on the one you want to work on. Try this search engine. Refseek and use the following search query; “Red cross” and “white buses” , “London” and “Norwegian Christmas tree”
  2. Find a story to read that covers your topic in some way. Look here WW2 People’s war. And here.
  3. If you participated on a “white buses tour” be sure to write about it. If you know someone who has you might interview that person. What significance if any does this have on Norwegian students do you think?
  4. Use statistics, pictures and maps in your post.

Short stories

Here are some stories you might choose:

  1. Behind Every Name a Story
  2. THE END OF THE WAR in Sweden for a German Soldier Prisoner
  3. Eight Years in the RAFVR – Part Three – Radar in Norway
  4. Coming home
  5. A book you might want to read! Count Folke Bernadotte was a unique figure in the Second World War
English: One of the original White Buses, kept...
One of the original White Buses, kept driveable in original condition.
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