The Edublog Awards!

Every year there are lots of comments in favor of and against the Edublogs Awards. I certainly agree with those who say feel the voting process does not necessarily mean the best blog wins. But even so, it is fun to be nominated and it is fun to nominate others. Every year the last 3 years I have asked my students to participate and it is very motivating for them. The selection process brings attention to a lot of blogs, apps, and people. It is a good point to pick some new blogs every year. That is why I have nominated our librarian this year even if her blog is in Norwegian. Every year I nominate a student. The class takes time looking at all the student blogs and try to decide on the one that could win! This year I would like to nominate the following student blog in category best student blog:  Related Signals (Haakon Bakker)

I would also like to nominate a blog in the category best teacher blog: Wright’s Room (Shelley Wright)

Library/Librarian Blog: Leselyst (In Norwegian)

Influential Post: Will (Will Richardson)

Group Blog: Voices of the Learning Revolution

Administrator Blog: George Couros

Nominated at the Edublog page

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