Teaching election 2012 and Sandy

What do you know, what would you like to know and how can you learn more?

The presidential election is today and at the same time a lot of people are struggling with the aftermaths of the storm Sandy. In groups of 3 decide which of these 2 topics you would like to know more about.

Depending on your choice write at least 4 statements on Wallwhisher for 1. What you know, 2. What you would like to know and 3. How you can learn more about your topic.

  1. Use sticky notes to write down your plan for the day, notes should include: how to research, where to look, what to look for, the questions you want answered and how you want to present your findings. One note pr. idea.
  2. Make a time schedule that includes time for all stages: brainstorming good questions, deciding on questions to focus on, research, writing, documentation, presentation. Submit your time schedule here: Remember name of group members, topic, questions and how you plan to present.

Below you will find resources you might use for this project.

How to present; your choice!

Radioshow, tv show, photostory, glogster, prezi, slide rocket, google presentations, wall wisher, puppet show presentation, talk, lecture, discussion, wall poster, handouts, chalk talk, blogpost…..


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