Revolution is to destroy the perfect and enable the impossible!

The Future of Learning, Networked Society

This 20 minutue video is made by Ericson and can be seen as a commercial for “Knewton an Adptive Learning Platform”. Still the video adds insight to what education should be focusing on through the voices of Seth Godin, Stephen Heppell and Sugata Mitra. They discuss how learning is just beginning. That acess to information is everywhere. and that students today will get information if they want it. Teachers should point the students towards analyzing their own learning How do you learn is a question we should be asking. There is a shift in knowledge, you need to be connected to make a contribution. Connect to learn it is opening up the world to us, helping us see the world in a new way. Many countries in Africa and South America now have access to information and don’t have to rely on textbooks only. People who succeed have often failed at least 100 times. Every day is a surprise, we should prepare our students for that. Standardized test, nobody makes a living of taking standardized test. Many are good at taking notes for 8 hours and remembering them at a test the next week, but do we really need that quality in our students? We need to create something different. Coursera is a new initative for students all of the world how can not afford an expensive education. Education is changing, you need to keep up! Stop asking the questions we know the answers to!

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