Teaching how to write a great introdcution

TED-ED is a great place to find videos for your class. You can choose to show the video and make your own assignments, or use the material provided at the TED-ED site.

How to write a great introduction

Never underestimate the power of an intriguing start. When analysing the literary greats like Charles Dickens and Kurt Vonnegut, be inspired by their craft and learn how to write a tantalizing introduction and strong thesis.

Lesson plan:

  1. Watch the video below and do the tasks you find here:
  2. Find other useful tips here: The Writing Center,
  3. Watch the second video and write a post on your blog, remembering the advice you got in the fist video about writing a great introduction. Answer these questions;
  • What inspires you?
  • What do you like to do?
  • Are there any areas where you could do really well if you set your mind to it?
  • Are you able to share this with students and teachers in school?

Inspirational writing advice from Gary Zukav, Richard Bach, Ken Robinson, Yann Martel, and more see here:

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