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Sandvika-konferansen delogbruk 2012

Six years ago our school was brand new and six years ago we started hosting our conference. Our school building is ideal for conferences with auditoriums, a large reception area and classrooms with projectors and speakers. It is located in a suburban area close to the capital of Norway, Oslo. From the start we wanted our school go be a “high tech” school and we were one of the first schools in Norway to go 1:1. That combined with block-scheduling (one day pr. subject)  turned out to be a great way to create a 21st century learning environment. Our goal hosting this conference has always been to inspire and amaze, to be a little controversial, but mostly to influence, educate and entertain. Every year we invite international guests, preferable well known educators who have never been to Norway before! But as you can see from my list, some seem to get invited back!

This year I would like to model the Educon 2.5 conference in Philadelphia.  I fortunate to be able to attend that conference in January this year! I hope to change our conference from a “one to many conversation” by encouraging engagement in the audience. Let’s not just (cliche):  “talk the talk, but walk the walk“!  I would like it to be both a conversation and a conference like Educon and I quote: It is an innovation conference where we can come together, both in person and virtually, to discuss the future of schools. Every session will be an opportunity to discuss and debate ideas – from the very practical to the big dreams.


Amazingly many conferences address the issues “what students want” without inviting students to participate and contribute. Last year we had help from many of our students and this year we plan to engage even more!  My experience is that you can not easily sum up what students want. First of all they are not experts in using technology to learn if we neglect to teach them. They might just as easily chose traditional lectures and quizzes if that is all they know and that is what they master. New ways of learning can be difficult, challenging and time consuming. The advantages might be difficult for a 16 year old to grasp. It is our job as teachers to show and guide the students! Learning can and must be engaging, meaningful and challenging!


This is the third year we will be giving out awards to outstanding Norwegian teachers in the field of ict and innovation. In cooperation with Microsoft and Itslearning and the Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education we are proud to present two categories.

  1. Best use of the learning management system Itslearning
  2. Best overall use of technology in class

These last years winners have participated in the Microsoft European event in Lisbon and this year Norway will be represented in the Microsoft 2012 Global Forum in Athens, Greece.. With this initiative we hope to spread great ideas and showcase what works!

International guests:

2007  Wim Veen  Book; Homo zappiens growing up in a digital age
2008  David W Shafferson Book: How computer games help children learn
2009  Will Richardson (Wim Veen) Book: Why school, Personal Learning Networks
2010  (Will Richardson) – Richard DeLorenzo Book: Delivering on the promise
2011  Sheryl Nussbaum Beach Book; The Connected Educator Aaron Sams – Jonathan Bergman  Book: – Flip Your Classroom  Ewan McIntosh 

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