Teaching the art of discussing

Curriculum goalsQuestion Mark Graffiti:

  1. Discuss social and cultural conditions and values from a number of English-speaking countries
  2. Express him/herself in writing and orally in a varied, differentiated and precise manner, with good progression and coherence
  3. Take the initiative to begin, end and keep a conversation going

Lesson plan

  1. In groups of 4 start by choosing 2 different countries. (Usa, Uk, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Lesotho)
  2. Look up the words social and cultural conditions and values, use the online dictionary of your choice
  3. Use sticky notes and start by making questions about the country you have chosen, 2 and 2 work together (use the question formulation technique) See questions below.
  4. Start researching your questions
  5. Use this rubric in your preparation
  6. When discussing in group tape the discussion with SpeakerOnlineRadio or QuickVoice for Windows or iPhone.

Produce Your Questions
• Ask as many questions as you can.
• Do not stop to discuss, judge, or answer the questions.
• Write down every question exactly as it is stated.
• Change any statement into a question.

Improve Your Questions

• Categorize the questions as closed- or open-ended.
• Name the advantages and disadvantages of each type of question.
• Change questions from one type to another.

Prioritize the Questions

• Choose your three most important questions.
• Why did you choose these three as the most important?


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