What story will you try on next?

Reading books

Photographer: Marit Krohn Aasgård

In Norway there is a festival where reading books has been called “boking”. Or in English I guess it would be booking! In fact there is a Facebook group you can join. The challenge is to take fun pictures of people reading in unexpected situations and places.

Seems like a fun challenge. That combined with watching the TED video below. How fiction can change reality. Reading and stories can be an escape from real life, a window into another world — but have you ever considered how new fictional experiences might change your perspective on real, everyday life? From Pride and Prejudice to Harry Potter, learn how popular fiction can spark public dialogue and shape culture.

Lesson plan

  1. Watch video below
  2. Do the quiz
  3. Choose a novel or short story that changed you and write about it on your blog. (If you haven’t read that much perhaps it is time to find a story to read?)
  4. How many of the books and authors mentioned in the video had you heard about or read?
  5. Take a photo of a friend reading and post it on your blog!

The best time for planning a book is while you’re doing the dishes. Agatha Christie


  1. Hei:) jeg er fotografen av det bilde og ønsker at du skriver at jeg tok det, og kanskje en link til bloggen min(maritaasgaard.wordpress.com) 😛

    This is quite interesting and it is going to assist me to make my lessons presentations more interesting and help me to change from being a centered teacher.

    1. I am impressed, and hopefully I will hear from you as you try to change the way you teach. There is a movement towards student cantered learning, but it is a difficult process. We can help each other by sharing our experiences. Thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to comment.

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