What schools should look like

How we are using technology in Norway?

In this short video Bruce Dixon is sharing some observations about schools and the need for reform with a Swedish reporter. The advice fits well in with what we need in Norway as well. Our latest report ITU monitor shows that even though we have lots of computers in class the way we use these tools is far from advanced and is doing little to bridge the digital gap in our country. It is how we use the computers in class that matter, not the amount.  And it is when we use the computers to connect and learn from others that we can start seeing the real benefits. As Bruce Dixon says here: It is all about being aware of student needs. Using the best learning tools available and that of course includes using laptops or tablets. But it is not just about using these devices.  It is about using the computers differently. It is important to make the learning experiences at school worth while. We are talking about creating real learning situations together with the students, adding real value to their lives. I just talked with a student in Dubai. They get to study a country of choice for a whole month and then go there and work with a foundation to help in voluntary work for a week. Even if we can not afford to send every student in our public school in Norway to different countries, we should be able to discuss important issues and come up with solutions to real problems. I read about a teacher who asked her students to incorporate their passions into learning, and they proposed a project that would help raise funds for the citizens of Japan and Haiti following their natural disasters last year. They created pins of the country’s flags and sold them for $1 each. Through their efforts, they ended up raising over $800! Not bad for one fourth grade class in a small rural school! As I said earlier it is not about the computers, but what they can do to raise awareness and connect students from around the world! That I think is world class use of technology, and that can make a difference!

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