Election 2012

Election 2012.

What you need to know about the primaries! Scholastic offers an interactive web-page with activities that should be both easy and fun for ESL students. Here you will find lots of tasks for that will make it easier for students to understand the process behind the election. Learn more about how America picks a President, and how the general election will work in 2012. Look at the candidates and do the election q&a.

Be sure to read the text and listen to the videos before you do the quizzes!

Source: Free technology for teachers. 

As the USA prepares for a presidential election, each state determines the process through which it will select delegates to the National Conventions. Each state’s political party committee established the rules which the delegates will be selected.

Look here for featured lesson ideas from C-span Classroom.

The site offers objectives such as examining the caucus and primary systems of selecting delegates, and discussing the processes involved in the two systems and to determine the pros and cons for each system. Materials included are several  videos and a Primary and Caucus handout (.PDF)

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