Blogg, twitter and WebNote

I think I found the perfect solution on how to comment on my students blogs. When I read my students’ blogs I usually post comments about the content. And I try to use the “2 stars and 1 wish”! But sometimes I find too many spelling or grammar mistakes and I want give the students the chance to correct this. I would usually copy their post into Word, correct the mistakes and then send the document back using the message system in our LMS. It’s time consuming to say the least. Now I use WebNote and Twitter!

Students enjoy writing blogs, here are some of my students’ comments:

“The whole idea of having a blog is something I now find fun and useful, as it is exciting being able to share your work with others, and comment on other people’s work.” Sara

People can read your blog and comment on your blog, and I figured out today that my blog has already been visited 276 times since August. That was quite cool, and according to the site state , my blog has been visited from people worldwide such as Croatia, Brazil, Great Britain, Australia, Argentina.” I must say that I’m positive surprised about the strategy using blogs and reading each other’s blogs, it’s interesting, fun and inspiring reading about how for example another student in class reflects around a topic or his/hers own experiences/meanings when it comes to solving a problem. Alba.

I have made a video where I explain how to use WebNote with blogs and Twitter. All my students now have Twitter accounts. It is a great way to send messages to the students and to share links. They all had to put a link to their Twitter names on their blogs. Makes it easy for me and fun for them! Take a look and try it! And pardon my accent!


  1. Wow, Ann, you are amazing!
    I am currently teaching English at an international school in Guangzhou, China. I have tried to use blogging in my classes for many years, but have never been able to get them to the same level as you. I plan to be back for more visits to learn more from you!

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