LIFE – Timeline Introduction

Make Your Own Timeline

Here’s your chance to play editor! Choose stunning photos from LIFE’s vast archive or upload personal shots from your Flickr or your Picasa accounts, order them how you like, write your own headlines and captions, and voilà — you’ve built a Timeline you can publish and share with friends and family via Facebook.

WHAT IS TIMELINE? LIFE’s galleries present photos related to a specific topic — but a Timeline puts those pictures in a chronological order, to tell a story from beginning to end. See a historical event unfold, trace the trajectory of a Hollywood star, study the play-by-play from a championship game… With Timelines, you can do all of that and so much more.

Why Create One?

Building a Timeline allows you to tell a story your way — you have the power to pick the details and images that are most meaningful to you. With Timelines, you can share your knowledge and passion about a particular topic, whether it’s World War II or Elvis Presley, with other LIFE fans.

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