Transmiti lets you run your desktop documents through Google Translate

If you have a document file in a foreign language stored on your computer, then to understand it you will need to translate it into your native language. Normally people use Google Translate for this ““ they copy the text, open a browser, go to Google Translate, paste the text, select the language options, and get the translation. A much more convenient solution is presented by Transmiti. Sure, you can upload documents to Google Translate, but why bother? Transmiti is a small ( (<700KB download), portable Windows app that can run selected text through Translate without the need to upload.

Just download the standalone .EXE, run it, and Transmiti heads to your system tray. Highlight some text in a Word or OpenOffice Writer document, tap the hotkey, and your translation appears in a movable popup. The settings allow language translations from any language to any language. If you wish, you can have Transmiti perform additional actions such as replacing the original text with the translated text or copying the translated text to the clipboard.

via Transmiti lets you run your desktop documents through Google Translate. and make use of and free technology for teachers.


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