Preparing for exams? Mind mapping with images, maps and more,

When cramming for an exams you might find spicerscribe an  online mapping and brainstorming tool useful. Great way to collaborate with the other students in your class! Connect notes, files, calendar events etc. These maps can be shared online. The maps are stored in the cloud and can be accessed from anywhere. Watch the video below for ideas. Click on the picture below to start the video! (From Free technology for teachers)

Finally some advice when working with your exam from BBC UK.

The key to remembering information is the five-times principle. (Dominic O’Brien, an eight-time winner of the world memory championships)

  1. Read the information and try to commit it to memory immediately,
  2. Then review it 24 hours later.
  3. Read and memorize it again a week later,
  4. Then again after a month.
  5. When you come to review it a fifth time after three to six months, it should stay in your long-term memory.”

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