Teaching cultural differences, “Two sides of the fence”

Write an article on your blog where you address one of the challenges raised in either movie. Trying to escape the border or how jobs can prevent gang related violence.


Homeboy Industries is bringing hope to some of L.A.’s toughest neighborhoods by providing ways for at-risk youth and former gang members to meaningfully contribute to their communities. Under the leadership of the inspiring Father Greg Boyle, and with the motto Nothing Stops a Bullet like a Job, they guide more than 1,000 young people a month away from gang life.

Two Sides of the Fence

Only a simple chain link fence marks the border, dividing the United States from Ciudad Juarez, the “Murder Capital of Mexico.”

Explore.org is a host of high-quality documentary videos covering a wide range of topics. Explore.org offers a series of lesson plans to accompany some of the videos in their collection.(found at free technology for teachers)

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