Sharing Microsoft Office documents via Google Cloud Connect

Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office

A lot of students and teachers use  Google docs to share documents.

There are a lot of advantages to sharing documents, you can invite others to contribute by writing and not having to worry about mailing the different drafts back and forth. When students work in groups they all know where to find the documents even if one in the group is absent on the day of presentation or completion. Everyone will still have access to the documents they are working on. This makes it a great way for students to collaborate and see what others students are doing. It is a good idea to share all the documents the students are writing when the are working on different projects. Since all our students in Akershus, Oslo Norway, will be getting Microsoft Office nest year it is a great idea to download Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office. You get a Google cloud connect button in your Microsoft Office programs and you can share, backup, and simultaneously edit Microsoft Word, PowerPoint®, and Excel® documents with other teachers or students.

You can choose if you want to sync all your documents to Google docs or not. Once you have synced the document you get an address to share with the others! Remember to make it available for everyone with the link to edit!

Click on the picture on the left if you want to install Google Cloud Connect!

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