Using video in class

These are some cool links to places where you can find videoclips to use in class

From Larry Ferlazzo’s webpage I found this neat list.  Note that MSNB lets you have subtitles and transcript of the news videos.


  1. MSNBC (which offers subtitles on ALL it’s videos)
  2. Video From The New York Times
  3. Wall Street Journal Video Center
  4. The Guardian Video (United Kingdom)
  5. Videos From The Boston Globe
  6. San Francisco Chronicle Videos
  7. Reuters News Videos (Reuters videos, and videos from other sources, are also available from and the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia)
  8. Associated Press Videos from the Atlanta Journal Constitution and from The Los Angeles Times.
  9. Voice of America Video.
  10. The PBS News Hour has redesigned their show, and website. As a result, their online videos are both better and more accessible.

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