Ricky Gervais – making fun of celebrities; okay or not?

During the Golden Globe awards 2011 the host Ricky Gervais might have gone too far in making jokes about the stars. Watch the 2 parts of the show and judge for yourself.

Application in class:

  1. Make groups of 4 and discuss;  by the end of the awars, many were left debating whether he had gone too far in his jibes at the gathered celebrities and even organisers the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). Agree or disagree?
  2. Divide the group in two and  research different sides before the discussion. Is there a difference between how the media has treated this? Look at newspapers from the UK and the USA?

The Washington Post asked: “Are we at war with England? If not, then why have we been subjected to two years of Ricky Gervais hosting the Golden Globe Awards?” The New York Times said the comic was “merciless from the start”  BBC news, Mixed reaction to Ricky Gervais as Golden Globes host.

Part 2 of 2 is here!

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