Learning about South Africa

 To learn one or all of the curriculum goals below
  • To debate and reflect on various sides of multicultural societies in the English-speaking world.
  • To and reflect and debate how cultural differences and different values can influence communication.
  • Give examples of other varieties of English than those that are used in the Anglo-American core area, and reflect on their distinctive character

  • Discuss international and global challenges
  • Write coherent, well-structured texts on general, specialized and literary subjects

Mastery learning

  1. Students should decide on how they want to work and group accordingly, groups of 2 or 3
  2. Students should decide on how many of the curriculum goals above they want to work with.
  3. Students should decide on how to document sufficient knowledge to pass these particular curriculum goals, suggestions: write on blog, make a test for fellow students, make a presentation. Use: Photostory, video, podcast, animation
  4. Students should structure their work by deciding on questions to answer and topics to cover


  1. Watch the Movie Invictus – see trailer video here.
  2. Make 3 questions you want answered when you see the movie, look at background material below
  3. Awesome stories about Mandela
  4. More background info about Nelson Mandela here.
  5. Tourists flock to Mandela’s prison
  6. Larry Ferlazzo’s best sites for learning about Nelson Mandela
  7. Rugby in South Africa
  8. BBC news -Mandela is a free man
  9. Nelson Mandela
  10. NOBEL PEACE PRIZE LAUREATES from South Arfrica  + this page with Nelson Mandela
  11. Robben Island
  12. Poem read by Nelson Mandela in the movie Invictus
  13. Official languages of South Africa
  14. Map of Africa using zoom.it to see the size of Africa compared to the rest of the world

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