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Since I started working here at Sandvika high school in Norway I have been fortunate to be able to travel to distance places, (Brazil, South Africa, Seattle), attend many conferences (Norway, London, Sweden), and get to know many interesting people. One of the advantages of the internet is the posibillity to follow people and conferences without always having to participate. It is easy if you have a twitter account and use it wisely! Last conference I participated in without being there was Wise2010 and Learning without frontiers. Networks are also built during workshops (our PLN bootcamp for school leaders) and by reading RSS feeds and books. That is why I have listed some books on my webpage and I am really looking forward to reading this new book I read about on this webpage. I can’t wait until it is published. Take a look at the list of authors and content!


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  1. I believe you’re right, it’s a joy to be able to communicate with people you’ve met and keep up with them. But it’s also very easy for someone (a predator) to do the same. I didn’t look at the all the links but I would hope one, at least, had a safety lesson on cyber predators.

  2. I’m not that worried about cyber predators, but it is certainly something we talk about in class. Mostly very nice comments on my web-page. And I sometimes unfollow people on twitter if I find their conversation boring or uninteresting!

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