What teachers need?

Teachers are faced with the challenge of equipping their students with 21st century skills. But are we all aware of what they are? What is happening in the classrooms in schools today? Is it a question of knowledge and skills vs. critical thinking and problem solving? Is it a question about the use of technology vs. the use of books? Is it a question of ignoring the computers altogether, hoping this too shall pass?

No one will dispute that these skills are important; problem solving, communicating, collaborating. But they are rarely assessed in school and certainly not during most exams. Why are schools in general so reluctant to change?

Many teachers are afraid of loosing control of the classroom. And the computers are a disruptive factor for many. Facebook, twitter, msn, movies and games, how can the teacher compete?

What teachers need are good examples on how to use technology in class. How to incorporate  web 2.0 in the curriculum and also evidence that students profit when using technology. The challenges in schools will be challenges later on in life too. We have to deal with these issues now.

This month I’m going to ISTE 2010 in Denver. I’m looking forward to learning more, connecting with educators in many different countries and also to participate in the leadership bootcamp. I hope to write more about my experiences later if you are interested. In the meanwhile you should read the book. I am!

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