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NachoFoto could be a great resource for anyone that uses current events in his or her classroom. NachoFoto provides images that could help complete the picture for students after reading a story. You could also use the images to introduce a story. Through the use of NachoFoto’s timeline slider your students can look back at images taken over the course of the development of a news story. (from Free Technology for teachers)

CNN Student News
A great place to visit when you are looking for topics to discuss in class. Thanks to Free Technology for teachers I was reminded about this sight again. Great place to visit before oral exam.  Here they talk about helping out with healthy food.  CNN Student News. Your students could explore the question of how much should the government get involved in the daily lives of its citizens? Your students could also explore the reasons why food deserts exist in poor urban areas.


Here are 5 timelines to use with your class. Now is a great time to review material and make timelines.

  1. XTimeline : students can collaborate,  to build a multimedia timeline.
  2. TimeGlider offers nice layout features.
  3. Time Toast is easy to use.
  4. TimeRime allows users to create timelines that include text, images, audio, and video.
  5. Dipity is a great timeline creation tool that allows users to incorporate text, images, and videos into each entry on their timeline.

Searching the net

Goofram really shines when you’re searching for information about a topic that could potentially have a lot of numerical information as well as text-based information.

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