Discussion groups in English class

Michael Oher
Image by Keith Allison via Flickr


  1. To learn how to discuss in small groups and hopefully be able to speak in larger groups later

Teaching methods:

  1. Divide class in groups of 4, each group with two teams. Team a and team b
  2. Give these tasks to the groups to discuss. First 7 minutes to research with computer and take notes on paper.
  3. Close the computers and have a 5 minute discussion staring with 1 minute for each team to present arguments.
  4. Evaluation – who one? Who had the best arguments?
  5. Look at the taxonomy for questions that probe reason and evidence. Could you clarify some of your arguments?

Movie to watch:

  1. The blind side, discuss topic a: African American young men – what are their odds for succeeding in life? Look at school, sport, career, drugs, jail, shootings, gangs?
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