Tips for teaching with technology

Time for an update on places to visit when teaching with technology. Thanks to “Free technology for teachers website” Here are a few of my favorite things!

  1. Issuu you publish. I was just looking for a place where my students could make a newspaper or a journal, magazine. Great fun
  2. Yudu does much of the same, try and compare.
  3. Google translator is also great fun when you get to know people from different places in the world and you want to impress them! Not always the best language but still!
  4. To make a thesis for your essay.
  5. TypePad is an easy way for students to make blogs. They have launched a new free blogging service
  6. In this short TED Talk, atmospheric chemist Rachel Pike gives the audience a sense of how much scientific research goes into producing a climate change headline such as those found in popular newspapers and magazines.
  7. Tips for the net:

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