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Social media’s growing influence

Image by fredcavazza via Flickr


  1. To teach your students how they can influence society by using social media

Teaching methods:

  1. Listen to this interview with Clay Shirkey
  2. Read transcript here
  3. In groups of 3 try to think of areas where young people might make a difference; that be in school, in your community or country
  4. Write about it on your blog and call it “making a difference” or “my voice”
  5. Read this blog from our collaborating school in the US
About Ann S. Michaelsen (542 Articles)
Teacher working in a new high school in Norway. Using web 2.0 to engange the students and connect wiht others using blogs. All my students write their own blogs too

2 Comments on Social media’s growing influence

  1. i really like this blog entry. do you think you could give me some pointers on my blog?

  2. The champions are those who still believe in the dream even if others do not believe it

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