George Orwell

Grave of Eric Arthur Blair (George Orwell), Su...
Image by Dr John2005 via Flickr


  1. Learn more about the author George Orwell with emphasis on one of his novels; Down and out in Paris and London

Teaching methods:

  1. Read excerpt from the book. Download the book here.
  2. See these documentaries about George Orwell here. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.
  3. Read these commentaries about the book in the New Yorker and write your own commentary on your blog. Link your blog to the New Yorker. Find a suitable title
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  1. Hrmf, 1984 is in my opinion Orwell’s best work. You should force all your students to read it, because we had to read Into the Wild last year. ^_^

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