Planning the semester – places to collect material!

tdhome_logo_k12_topInteresting places to visit – fun planning the school year

  1. I found some great ideas at this web site: ICT in my classroom. Thirty- Eight interesting ways to use wordle in the classroom. Thanks to Tom Barret.
  2. Teacher’s Domain – sign on and create an account!
  3. Free Online Courses and Lectures from Great Universities.
  4. Modify your pictures. It is easy to use.  See picture of dolphin (taken and modified by me!)
  5. WatchKnow. From one of the creators of Wikipedia comes a new resource for students and educators: A web-based directory of videos designed to be searchable, reliable, and conductive to better learning for all. (from ReadWriteStart).
  6. View Docs Online. If you’ve ever had a student or colleague send you a document that you couldn’t open because you did have the right software? Use View Docs Online!
  7. On Timelines.TV you will find four series of documentary videos arranged chronologically. There are three series about British history; social, political, and imperial.
  8. Working on vocabulary: Vocab Sushi. Thanks to MissShonah!
  9. WordAhead – Vocabulary videos. Join the study room!
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