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What students say about Facebook and Msn!

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The last weeks of the semester. The students took time writing advice to next year’s students. Read their comments on what to do in a world of computers and temptation. (Read Facebook and Msn!) New research shows positive impact of Facebook on student development! Facebook can be used by members of higher education to help enhance student learning, build a sense of community, further increase student engagement and facilitate communication between educators and students.

Student blogs:

  1. How to study when you have a laptop in front of you at all times.
  2. I’m not saying that you should stay away from MSN and Facebook
  3. Pay attention during classes as well as using your pc to take notes.
  4. My advice to you is to pay attention during classes as well as using your pc to take notes….
  5. This school is the flagship in use of technology!
  6. Please try to stay focused, and put Facebook and MSN away until you get home!
  7. Almost everything you do in class is done on the computers so you have all your school work organized on one place.
  8. I remember playing games all the time in the beginning, and my grades turned out to be pretty bad.
  9. Attention Newbies! Just play games!
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Teacher working in a new high school in Norway. Using web 2.0 to engange the students and connect wiht others using blogs. All my students write their own blogs too

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