1. To learn more about different societies and groups of people who fall outside the accepted norm.


Chose either

  1. The nothing to do generation
  2. The living dead from the novel “the van” by Roddy Doyle (listen to interview of author), see scene from movie. Watch interview with author.
  3. Gangland USA
  4. Two Caravans, Marina Lewycka, listen to interview with author. Watch interview with author.
  5. Blonde, Katherine Min read interview with author,
  6. Susan Boyle, see previous article on this blog, read blog here (write an article on your one blog in a similar cynical note!)
  7. Read this article “how David beats Goliath” in the New Yorker


  1. Write an article on your blog were you discuss the excerpt of the novel, or the short story you have chosen.
  2. Prepare a small talk about the chosen topic where you encourage the audience to participate. Give the talk a controversial title
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