The White House is Open for Questions

Watch the video. This is another way for the President to use social media. The trial run of Open for Questions has wrapped up with the President answering several of the most popular questions during a special online town hall.  Click here to view the questions. Look at the questions and select 3  questions. Post them on your blog.

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  1. What do you do when you undisputedly have proven corruption with in the deparment of Interior. George skibine office has made a decision that has affected the Apache tribe of Oklahoma.As I said we can prove this. How ever they feel we are just another bunch of dumb Indians. We are not. The presidents message is This new administation wants transpairency, accountability and Integrity. Well when you have two greedy Attorneys that have bought certain gov’t BIA employees so they can and have stolen millions from these poor apache people the BIA all the way up to Skibines office have committed these crimes. So the Question is who do you go to that you can trust on the corruption.

  2. Please help us. The tribe is being run by two outsiders. Our chairman is an alcoholic who can’t even see strait. The dept of Interior has made a decision to oust our honest secretary Treasure. Because she wanted Transpairency,Acountability and Integrity. We can prove the corruption we just need for someone other than George Skibines
    office to investigate.His office is the department of the interior. Some employees at the BIA, along with employees at the washington DC level have been corrupted and had George skibine signing off on a decision that was totally wrong. This is not just an upset voter.This is a person who if listened to can bring down the very thing that this administation is in favor. That is Integrity. Please don’t let this fall amoungst death ears. Do something.

  3. Please do not continue saying that you will cut the budget in half. We may not be in government but we are smart business people and we know that what you are implying is untrue. You would get more support with honesty. Your statements make us feel that perhaps other comments are untrue too. You do need to be trusted by the American public who put you in office.

    Thank you.

  4. You signed a bill with the AIG pay raises in it. . Please stop traveling on the campaign trail and get your work donein DC. You have major staffing needed in your Cabinet and it is your responsibility to show leadership to those who you have brought into your Cabinet.

    You cause great concern as you seem to be signing all the bills coming off the Hill without understanding all the complexities in them.

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