It is the time of the year

Obama on a French language magazine, Montreal
Image by mechanikat via Flickr

It is the time of the year to inspire and be inspired. Look at this clip of 40 inspirational speeches in 2 minutes.


  1. To get the most out of the remaining school year, nest semester
  2. To be able to make a speech in front of the class

Teaching method

  1. Look at the clip and read the text
  2. In groups of 3 how many movies do you know how many actors can you name
  3. In groups of 3 pick out 2 different famous people you admire who are know for great speeches (examples: Barack Obama, Martin Luther King, Kennedy or an actor from a moive)
  4. Find famous speeches they have held and try to explain techniques they use and why it works
  5. Read to the class extracts from those speeches
  6. Write a short speech to inspire your fellow students to work harder in school next year 2 minutes!
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