Teaching British history

Be sure to read background material

  1. First settlement to Queen Elisabeth
  2. Celtic inhabitants the celtic invasion – the Romans – the Anglo Saxons- the Vikings
  3. The early history.
  4. The Norman invasion The Magna Carta. (Robin Hood)  The age of contrasts – the Renaissance.
  5. Shakespeare. Henry VIII, The movie. The other Boleyn girl.
  6. Queen Elisabeth 1st coronationspeech to the people.
  7. And the civil war to the first world war. James 1, Civil war. Guy Fawkes, the commonwealth and restoration.
  8. The British empire. For an overview look at timeline from BBC.

Day two from civil war to First World War:Magna charta cum statutis angliae (Great Chart...

  1. Divide class into groups of 3
  2. Each group gets 1 topics  From the civil war to the first world war
  3. Look at these videos for clues:
  4. The revolution
  5. Florence Nightingale
  6. Nelson and the battle at Trafalgar
  7. Interactive map of the battle at Trafalgar
  8. Queen Victoria’s love for Albert
  9. The gunpowder plot
  10. Scottish history part 1 King James,  Great Britain.


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