The Falklands: Argentine anger as British oil rig moves in

From TimesOnlineObjectives:

  1. What is the conflict about?
  2. What happened in 1982?
  3. What has happened in 2010?

Student activity:

  1. For background history I suggest watching the movie “This is England”. Look here for more information about the movie. Start here by looking at the trailer.
  2. Look here for a clip of the nationalistic battle to get rid of the immigrants.
  3. Recent activity, read this article and this one!
  4. Do research by looking at what you can find on BBC’s page here. Watch this television clip from BBC about the war.
  5. The battle for the Falklands


  1. Use topics here to discuss in groups of 3.

Writing tasks, choose one of the following:

  1. Write an entry on you blog where you say something about these dates: 1690, 1832, 1966, 1982, 1992 and 2010
  2. Make a Photostory explaining the conflict, how it started, what is it about, and why is it in the news today, use dates in point 1.
  3. Make a Power Point presentation for class using only dates and pictures.

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