Electing a president is a long and….

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The American system of voting for the party’s candidate can be difficult to understand. What is the difference between a primary and a Caucus? Here you will find a lot of Internet places that try to explain the different aspects of the presidential campaign. Start by looking at this video.

Different topics are explained here at HippoCampus:

Political parties
See page of St. Mary’s high school for American government
Education world
PBS has these pages: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/vote2008/

Presidential Campaigns Explore a New Medium. Listen to podcast and read the text

How the election works – BBC.

Look at how the candidates won – how many votes; popular and electoral. Pay attention to the 2000 vote!

How does the primary process work?

Another page about the primaries and one more!

You choose 08. campaign videos. Take a test and see what you know! And this test is more difficult?

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