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Congratulations winners of the Edublogger’s Student Competition!

Here’s the news the students have been waiting patiently for! (I certainly have!)

Announcing all the winners! The competition was for any class or student blogger and they could submit blog posts based on three different topic themes.

I proudly present the two winners from my class! Carina and Magnus! Thanks guys! You did great! Very proud teacher today! See categories and comments underneath!

* Difference Blogging Has Made School and Home Life Category

English Social Studies Blog

Carina Jurs’ Student Challenge post is a reminder that the different ways we introduce blogging to our students does impact on student engagement. Yet we also need to remember ‘one size doesn’t fit all’; what engages some students doesn’t others.

New and Fascinating English Blog

As I said to Magnus Sparre I love both his humor and honesty in his Bloggers Challenge 2009 post. He has a natural writing ability and I wish that I had the same skill (especially considering his native language is Norwegian not English).

Any post (and series of comments) that makes me laugh has done well.

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