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Unconfuse me with Bill Gates – how languages work

Lexicon Valley

If you are a language lover, you might want to check out Lexicon Valley, a podcast hosted by linguist John McWhorter. Lexicon Valley explores the fascinating stories behind the words we use every day, from etymology to grammar to slang. You can listen to episodes on topics such as the origins of “OK”, the evolution of gendered pronouns, or the history of swearing. You can also learn about how language changes over time, how different dialects and accents develop, and how language influences culture and vice versa.

Lexicon Valley is not only informative but also entertaining and engaging. McWhorter has a lively and witty style of narration, and he often invites guests who are experts in their fields to share their insights and perspectives. He also interacts with listeners by answering their questions and comments and by challenging them with quizzes and puzzles. Lexicon Valley is a podcast that will make you think, laugh, and learn something new every time you tune in.

You can find Lexicon Valley on the Slate website or on any podcast app or platform. You can also follow Lexicon Valley on Twitter and Facebook for updates and extra content. Whether you are a linguist, student, teacher, or curious person, Lexicon Valley is a podcast you don’t want to miss.

I recently started learning French, and the process has made one thing clear to me: There’s a lot I don’t understand about how languages work. So, I turned to John McWhorter, a linguist who has dedicated his career to demystifying the roughly 7,000 languages spoken around the world. When he isn’t busy writing books, John is a professor at Columbia University, host of his own podcast, and frequent lecturer for Great Courses. He helped me understand why English is so irregular, what the ideal language would look like, why all dialects are created equal, and more. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. Learn more at  Bill Gates.


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