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Lesson plan; Fight Procrastination Day.

September 6 is Fight Procrastination Day. It is an unofficial holiday that encourages people to take charge of their procrastination problems and to find ways to combat the never-ending urge to put off important tasks for another day.

Lesson plan

Start up by reading this article in The Guardian. I keep leaving important work to the last minute.

  1. Group Discussion (10 minutes)
    • Divide students into small groups and ask them to discuss the tasks that they are most likely to procrastinate on.
    • Have each group share their findings with the class.
  2. Answer the questions below.
  3. Strategies for Overcoming Procrastination (20 minutes)
    • Read list of strategies below
    • Discuss each tip with the class and ask students to share their own strategies for combating procrastination.
  4. Activity (15 minutes)
    • Set a timer for 15 minutes and ask students to work on a task that they have been procrastinating on.
  5. Conclusion (5 minutes)
    • Ask students to share their experiences with the class.
    • Remind them that by taking small steps today, they can start to overcome their procrastination habits and achieve their goals.

Tips for overcoming procrastination

Easy questions:

Difficult questions:


Essay topics

Further reading on the topic

Here are some reliable sources on the topic of procrastination:

  1. “What Research Has Been Conducted on Procrastination? Evidence From a Systematical Bibliometric Analysis” by Bo Yan and Xiaomin Zhang1.
  2. “5 Research-Based Strategies for Overcoming Procrastination” by Chris Bailey2.
  3. “Understanding procrastination: A case of a study skills course” by Jolanta Zaremba and Katarzyna Kowalczuk3.

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